14 January, 2009

kids mojito

It's hot! and the kids are sick of drinking plain water.
I'm not into packet Raro ( which is nothing more than coloured sugar ) or supermarket mixes.

So we drink heaps of kids mojitos ( without the alcohol ) which are rather refreshing on a hot summers day.

Today we used our own home grown Lemonades so there wasn't a need to add honey.
Just lost of ice and mint.
You can use any citrus you like, normal lemons. limes, orange.

For special treats, like Fairy Parties, we use Blackcurrant juice and Sprite Zero.

I am certain that I'm not the first Mum to think this up and use as an alternative to other shop brought drinks.
My munchkins love the stuff, and both ask for it over anything else, they will refill their drink bottles a couple of times during the day.

And as refreshing as a fresh pot of tea is, sometimes a cold drink is called for!

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creative breathing said...

This is the only type of lemonade my kids will drink. We use my grandmother's glass juicer. I wanted to let you know that you have won a set of note cards from creative breathing - me! (Did you win note cards before - oh my gosh, you will be up to your ears!) Please e-mail me your address at mermaidmom46@columbus.rr.com and I will post them to you. Thank you so much for playing! Elizabeth