18 December, 2008

her last!

Today was our darling Buttons ( aka - Ella ) very last day at kindergarten.

So this morning we made a birthday hat and play dough cupcake, with candles.

All the kindy kids sung "Happy Birthday" and "Happy School Days".
So of course she thinks today is her birthday.

( It is so confusing having a birthday on Christmas Day!
Especially when your party is in November and very last day of kindy in December. )

She had a very lovely last day, even though I sat in a corner crying!

So my darling wee one, "Happy Last Kindy Day".
Just a short holiday and then my almost "Five year old" it will be off to school with you.
With no doubt more tears from Mum!


Kelly said...

awwww bless!!! Just wait till the start of grade 1 :)

creative breathing said...

Hi fresh tea! You have answered my puzzle correctly! Thanks so much for reading and playing along. I will enter your name in for the drawing. Please check back on Sunday to see if you won! By the way - what an adorable kindergartner! These are the photos that will make you cry in years to come! Elizabeth

creative breathing said...

I forgot to tell you to e-mail or flickrmail me your address. mermaidmom46@columbus.rr.com or under my flickr mail creative breathing.
Have a great week! Elizabeth