13 December, 2008

knitting needle rolls

Last month I promised to show more of my sewing.
Now that Mum W and Miss Moore have had their birthdays and received their gifts, I can now share more of what I made.

Knitting needle rolls, of course!

This is Mum's, made from recycled jeans and a old bed spread.

Sewing straight lines for the pockets was just too hard, so I didn't even try.
I just doubled up the stitch lines and made a feature out of them.

The pattern I used is from "Midnight Knitter", you can find it here.
I modified mine slightly, and made the needle pockets higher instead of using a ribbon through the center.

True to form I took about a million photos and still have to sort out Miss Moore's.
So you will have to wait till tomorrow for hers!

Until then go and have a nice pot of fresh tea!

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