16 December, 2008

look what came in the post!

When mail is too big to fit in our letter box the Postie leaves a note telling you to go here...

So at lunch time with I bolted down to the local Post Shop to collect a brown package.
Said package had traveled a long way and has also been throughly checked...

And I have to admit that I was a tad worried that I would find nothing inside!

So I was so very pleased to find this...

Can you see my lovely wee prize...

Isn't he the most adorable wee Reindeer ever!
Dasher was made by a very talented lady, not only is she a very clever crafter but also the best story teller ever.
Make sure to check out her wonderfully funny blog, and as always have a cup of fresh tea while you have a read.
Just make sure you swallow your drink before trying to laugh, or you too will have tea coming out your nose!

Thank you, thank you, thank you and thank you again E.
I just love him!

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creative breathing said...

Oh my goodness! I was just visiting to say you had me laughing about "only jumping over the neighbor's fence to swim" when I became intrigued by your suspicious package. What a laugh you have given me today! My poor little reindeer went through the mill to get to you! Darn, I didn't fill out the little green card for overseas shipments. I am so sorry, I hope you were able to fluff him up. He is meant to hang under a lamp shade. That is why there is a long string to tie onto the cross bar. Your tree is beautiful, you daughter is even more so. What a wonderful holiday in store for you! Happy Holidays and blessings for the New Year! Elizabeth