28 March, 2009

no knitting this weekend!

I have been wanting a veggie patch for a long while now, ever since Miss May built her own.
So I set my long suffering husband to work out in the back garden.

The last time my Mum came to stay, I had her moving rocks (at the back there) off the garden to expose the clay dirt.
Which has been airing for a month after being covered with said stones for about seven years.

This weekend has been all business, with Phil framing up a boxed garden.
To cover up a useless bit of raised concrete.
Job well done hubby!

Then all that remained was to fill with nice new dirt, brick a path through the middle.
Drink about a thousand cups of tea, while leaning on a spade.

And wallah!
Welcome to our new garden.

Next week a much needed trip to the garden shop for plants is in order.


knitwitmama said...

you DO have the most adorable kids!

Fresh Tea : said...

Thank you.

Jen said...

Lovely little garden patch! Great possibilities, have fun picking out plants!