30 March, 2009

for the beach boyfriend!

I have heard through the "Island Drums" that the beach boyfriend is fed up with looking at more of my knitting and not enough of "his girl"!

So not wanting to disappoint, here we go...

Ella has now received two school awards.

The first (above) is a "Good Attitude" Award.
She got this one for coming to school with a ready smile and willing to have a go.

And her second the "Star Student" Award is for being a friendly, co-operative student who works well and learning.

Very well done my Button.
I am glad you are enjoying school so much.

And I hope this pleases the "Beach Boyfriend" too!
Now I need another cup of tea (ha).

1 comment:

Mary Anne said...

Yay for Ella! Those are wonderful awards and the photos are adorable.