04 November, 2008

Public Service Announcement!


Do not attempt to sew while you have a Head Cold and your Brain feels like Soup!
And your child is hounding you to fix her broken stroller, the one her cubba brother insisted sitting in and completely destroyed the hammock.

Or you too will do silly things such as sewing the strap with the D rings in the wrong position!
(notice it is not at the side but between the legs!)

And I don’t care, I damn well not going to unpick it and do it again.
If Buttons CPK doesn’t like it she can get a job and buy herself a new one!

Now I desperately need more hot Tea!


Mary Anne said...

This is so funny! although I am sorry for the sewing mishap and to hear you have a bad cold.

castingontrouble said...

If your brain feels like soup, will more soup fix it?

Just job on the stroller - think of the straps as "unique" design!