22 November, 2008

A & P Show

When we went to Wanganui last week end (for Mum W's birthday) the A & P Show (Agricultural and Pastoral Show) happened to be in town.

When I was a kid this show was huge, with hundreds of farmers, their animals and equipment (tractors, ploughs, you know that sort of stuff).
And of course all the Horsey people competing in the dressage.

My favourite part was the Home Craft section, with all the home made cakes, biscuits, jams and preserves.
And the hand crafts, knitting, crocheting, quilting etc.
All the area Schools would get involved also and select the best crafts and art work of their student to be entered.
And the Race Course Lounge would be packed full.
I entered paintings and hand made crafts a few times.
And I seem to recall that the little sister entered a hand sewn doll as well?

And then of course all the rides!
Which we would go on until we were sick.

This year the A & P Show was abysmal, below is a photo account of the total number of animals!
There were no Farmers and their equipment, and even though the Horsey people were there competing, they were on the other side of the Race Course and you had to walk miles to see them.

Even the rides seemed sad,

There was a total of two people on the Ferris Wheel!

The Super Loop was however getting good usage.
Phil wanted to stand under it and catch coins that were falling out of pockets!

The Merry-go-round will always remain my favourite...

although these black horses are a tad scary!

I thought the smallish boy would have a ride on the motorbike, seeing as blue is his favourite colour...

but he followed his heart, and went with his first love...

The Home Craft section was very disappointing and tiny, but the quality of the crafts that were there was amassing.
I very much like this Baby Singlet and rightly so it's maker won first place and a special award as well.

There was only one entrant in the Crochet section, who took out all three prize placing, of which this wee bowl was my favourite.

And the best of the lot was this darling sock monkey, made by a 9 year old.
I absolutely love it!

To cure the disappointment we went here...

then home for a much needed cup of tea!

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