24 November, 2008

body butter and a pear

Ella's eczema has been really bad at the moment.
The backs of her knees are the worst and because she won't stop scratching, the eczema has become a little yucky and infected.

At kindy there is a darling young lad that Ella is sweet on!
His very clever Mum makes all her own soap free washes and lovely body butters because she too suffers from eczema.

On Friday kindy pick up Mrs B arrived with this lovely gift for Ella.
Her own Jasmine and Vanilla body wash and Itch - Buster body butter.

Now this stuff is divine!
The body wash is like a moose and so soft and moisturizing.
And as for the body butter, I want to eat it!

Ella has been using the body butter for 4 days now.
Every time she fells itchy she gets the butter and puts some on herself.
Her eczema has gone from her arms and nearly from behind her knees.

So as a huge big thank you, Ella and I made Mrs B a Christmas Pear.

This was such a fun crafty project.
Ella especially enjoyed using the different coloured dyes.

We used this fantastic tutorial from Cheeky Magpies', book pumpkin and apple.
And changed the shape to a pear for Christmas.
You can make your own, just go here!
And make sure you check out the rest of Cheeky Magpies' wonderful blog.

Now because we have made our first Christmas decoration the kids want to put up the Christmas Tree!


sweetp said...

Must be excema season, 2nd post I've seen today about magic creams :(

Thanks for the link - your pear is gorgeous! I so want to give that a go

Mary Anne said...

What a gorgeous book pair! It reminds me of the paper christmas bells we had as children, although much more elaborate.

Mary Anne said...

I meant to write - book pear!! hehe