08 April, 2009

for anzac day

My very clever and ever so talented friend Louisa painted the pictures.
They are for our local Church newsletter for ANZAC Day.
(which isin't untill the 25th of April, but I can't wait that long to show these!)

I love them, the colours are fantastic and bright despite the sad content.
I especially love the mushrooms and wee Owls peeking out from behind them.
And I am always amassed at the speed in which she can turn out a painting.
I am certain the woman paints in her sleep!

Louisa is currently working on publishing a children's book.
I can't wait to she what she has done.
I will for sure be getting a copy, and will keep you posted on how to get one for yourself!


Mary Anne said...

Louisa's paintings are breathtaking. I love her use of colours and the characters she creates.

sue said...

Paintings that capture the emotional side of the world are amazing. I love the colors she used and the actual paintings are stunning.

Kim in Australia said...

Lovely, really captures the meaning of the day in way that makes it fresh, rather than the repeated mainstream images that begin to ring hollow after so much repetition.

(would think of a better way to put this, but am too tired)

Beautiful work.