01 February, 2010


Hello again.
We are back from our family summer holiday and a self imposed holiday away from technology.
That meant no computer, no cell, no camera, just kids, husband and dog!

So lots has been happ'n.
The house is still not finished, the dining room and laundry still need a coat of paint.
As does the entire out side of the house, time for a new colour too I think.

Our biggest and besets news is our wee Button turned six on Christmas Day.
I still can't get over just how fast that has happened.
Six already, I still remember bring her home from the hospital, plonking her on the dining table still in her car seat and bursting into tears because I didn't know what to do with her.

This year she got a new bike...

I think she looks tiny on it, but she handles it just fine.

And Ella also lost her first baby tooth...

She was born with her two front bottom teeth, so they have lasted well.
Her tooth was only wiggly a few days and then Oliver head-butted her in the mouth, kindly removing said wiggly tooth for her.
Such a considerate wee brother!

And a very generous Tooth Fairy made for an enjoyable first tooth loosing experience.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely gorgeous photos!

Crafty Tuesday said...

Whoops, forgot to leave my name!

amanda said...

Wow - look at her go on that bike! You have gorgeous children!

Mary Anne said...

Happy Birthday Ella! What beautiful photos.

Fresh Tea : said...

Thanks ladies!